I'm Kate.
22 | 5'5" | Massachusetts

Health/Weight Loss/Fitness blog

I'm doing this the healthy way.
Eat right & work out.
I have PCOS, but I'm trying to work with it.

I love to hoop and I hate running, but only because I suck at it. I'm working on running, getting better at hooping, and building some upper body strength.

SW/HW - 203
LW - 169 (10/2011)
CW - 202
Next GW - 180
UGW - 120-ish. I'll see when I get there.
More goal weights added as I reach them.

focusing on other stuff right now

I post bodies, but they're all tagged as "bodies" if you wanna blacklist it c:

beautiful babe(s) <3

serious goals:

  • get a gym membership pronto
  • go to the gym 3+ times a week
  • practice hooping for the equivalent of a half hour every day
  • yoga 3 times a week
  • fast food once a week (that was today i guess oops free queso day was worth it)

$25 worth of hoop tubing and push buttons and whatnot in the hoopsupplies cart. I guess I’m gonna let this sit until friday when I get paid.

I just really want fresh tubing for when I made my led hoop and not just my old hdpe hoop that i’ve had for 3 years now. And I just wanted a hot pink polypro. Soooooooooooo.

My mom said she’d get me a gym membership for christmas, but the only gym near me is a planet fitness and i dunno how i feel about that. i’ve heard horror stories.

i hooped today! i took a video, but the quality sucked because i used the camera on my laptop instead of my webcam, so there’s nothing to post :<

anyway, i’m really hoping to keep up the hooping schedule so i don’t make any steps backwards. if i stay up on my yoga and my hooping, i bet i could make some serious improvements. they go so very hand in hand.

life has been super crazy. i swear it’ll wind down soon, though. the week, in review:

  • work’s going really well
  • we got a cat yesterday
  • and then we bought a half bushel of apples and are going to make so much applesauce
  • i have a crazy headache right now and my bronchitis is back, though

so i’m basically going to be crazy busy until the end of october i guess. buuut i’m seeing twenty one pilots tomorrow. 

it’s amazing what a little bit of yoga will do for your neck

  • roommate’s leaving in like 10 minutes
  • then yoga and hoop time
  • and i might email polar to see if there’s anything i can do about my watch
  • i really should do laundry tonight

so i have yogaglo again and everything is a+

i’m seriously considering getting the polar loop as soon as the band on my ft4 breaks. from what i can tell, that’s not something that can be fixed. the only thing i can’t find is whether or not you can set the display to always show the time or not, since i don’t know if i want to go without an actual watch.

well the band on my polar ft4 is cracking. it’ll probably be dead within a month. time to look up which watch I should get next. I’m seriously considering the polar loop.

i really need to get into the habit of getting to bed before 11:30 because sleeping for 6 or 7 hours a night is probably not a sustainable thing in the long run.

also, this is kind of silly, but me and my three friends call ourselves the foxy four as a joke kind of, but we basically decided we’re going to all get fox tattoos. friend tattoos are exciting! now i have three tattoos that i want! i totally have to get a paycheck first, haha. fridaaaaaaay~

i was so productive tonight! I came back to my room and organized the last few things that needed to be organized, made a list of stuff to eventually buy, and hung up my tapestries. i still need to rehang my sunglasses holder that fell down, but I’m gonna have matt help me with that one. I also played with mabel and angus and decided that i’m going to rejoin yogaglo once i get paid. suuuuper pumped for internet yoga again. i had so much floor space in my walk-in closet that i basically made it into a little yoga room, so that’s exciting. now i just wish there was a place for me to hoop in the apartment.

i survived two weeks of work! all of my friends went to a florida georgia line concert so i’m gonna hoop in the apartment for a bit and then go over to matt’s for a bonfire.