I'm Kate.
22. 5'5" | NY (school) | MA (home)

Health/Weight Loss/Fitness blog

I'm doing this the healthy way.
Eat right & work out.
I have PCOS, but I try not to let that get to me.

I love to hoop and I hate running, but only because I suck at it. I'm working on running, getting better at hooping, and building some upper body strength.

SW/HW - 203
LW - 169 (10/2011)
CW - 202
Next GW - 180
UGW - 120-ish. I'll see when I get there.
More goal weights added as I reach them.

focusing on other stuff right now

I post bodies, but they're all tagged as "bodies" if you wanna blacklist it c:

beautiful babe(s) <3

hahahahahahahaha how am i ever going to get all of this water out of this yoga mat

Time to try to wash my yoga mat oh man here it goes

oh man today is the perfect day to wash my yoga mat

insurance guy needs to get here so i can get my hooping and yoga on. i put legally blonde on at least, so i’ve got that to watch in the meantime.

oh man i’m packing up so much of my stuff to bring back with me tonight. slowly moving out of my apartment whadduppppp

my roommate and the guy on the first floor both went home for easter, so i’m the only one in my apartment. that means i can hoop in my apartment without pissing anyone off because my apartment is the shittiest thing and any movement makes the first floor shake. I just have to wait for my landlord and the insurance inspector to show up. They said they’d be here at noon, wah.

did i ever tell you that i’m a genius for taking heads of lettuce, cutting them up, and putting them right back into the lettuce bag for later consumption? because i am.

you’d better believe i’ll be going to my meeting at 8 in my pajamas. pajamas 5ever.

i did an overwhelmingly bad job painting my nails and i don’t even care.

work went by really quickly. probably because i was playing quizup for most of it. time to get some quick yoga and stretching in before hoop class. 

hahahahahaha i didn’t realize i’m out of refills on my birth control. awesome.

The fact that I could lose 100 pounds and like not die kind of upsets me. Like that’s how overweight I am. It wouldn’t be a good idea to lose 100 pounds, but I’d only be slightly underweight if I did. I need to reevaluate my life choices.

my boyfriend has decided he’s gained too much weight. TIME TO SECRETLY INCORPORATE HIM INTO MY FITNESS REGIME.

aaand i didn’t get the job i was really hoping to get.

and i haven’t gotten any other interviews.

i guess i’m graduating without a job.

I skipped hooping because of how excessively tired I am. Time to finish cleaning my room so I can take a nap. I could use a little spring cleaning, anyway.