I'm Kate.
22 | 5'5" | New York for now
(but Masshole for life)

Health/Weight Loss/Fitness blog

I'm doing this the healthy way.
Eat right & work out.
I have PCOS, but I'm trying to work with it.

I love to hoop and practice yoga.
I used to run, but I have to rehab my incompetent knees before I'm allowed to run again - my kneecap grooves are too shallow for life, apparently.

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SW/HW - 203
LW - 169 (10/2011)
CW - 202
Next GW - 180
UGW - 120-ish. I'll see when I get there.
More goal weights added as I reach them.

focusing on other stuff right now

I post bodies, but they're all tagged as "bodies" if you wanna blacklist it c:

beautiful babe(s) <3