I'm Kate.
22 | 5'5" | Massachusetts

Health/Weight Loss/Fitness blog

I'm doing this the healthy way.
Eat right & work out.
I have PCOS, but I'm trying to work with it.

I love to hoop and I hate running, but only because I suck at it. I'm working on running, getting better at hooping, and building some upper body strength.

SW/HW - 203
LW - 169 (10/2011)
CW - 202
Next GW - 180
UGW - 120-ish. I'll see when I get there.
More goal weights added as I reach them.

focusing on other stuff right now

I post bodies, but they're all tagged as "bodies" if you wanna blacklist it c:

beautiful babe(s) <3

this is going to be way sappier than i usually am but sometimes i get so excited that matt and i have the same ideas about making our own stuff and not being super wasteful and the reasons for it. like we were talking yesterday about how i wanted to get into making my own sausage and how i want a greenhouse when i have my own house so i can grow a good chunk of my own produce. i just think it’s really cool that he’s into making as many things as you can instead of buying them and buying things that will last a long time instead of using something for a month and throwing it out.


  • it’s matt’s birthday yaaaaay!
  • clean my room
  • clean mabel’s cage
  • swim
  • shower
  • leftover 99 for lunch
  • continue to freak out about my interviews
  • figure out how i’m gonna pay to go to mohegan sun for my friend’s birthday

The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing.

Yasmin Mogahed (via beautifulsabr)

yeah so i told my mom that i was gonna do the whole30 and i just didn’t know when i was gonna start because of the whole job situation. i was expecting her to be more negative about it, because that’s how she usually is, but she was pretty supportive. i definitely want to wait until i have my own source of income, though, because buying separate meat and food could get a little expensive. not super pricey, but still. now i just have to wait to hear back about jobs and then i can figure everything else out.

i can’t believe that my idea of sleeping in is sleeping until 9 now.

this must be what it feels like to be an adult.


Buzzfeed’s 14 day Clean Eating Challenge - Week 1

Even if you don’t want to follow the plan there are still loads of great recipes here.