I'm Kate.
22 | 5'5" | Massachusetts

Health/Weight Loss/Fitness blog

I'm doing this the healthy way.
Eat right & work out.
I have PCOS, but I'm trying to work with it.

I love to hoop and I hate running, but only because I suck at it. I'm working on running, getting better at hooping, and building some upper body strength.

SW/HW - 203
LW - 169 (10/2011)
CW - 202
Next GW - 180
UGW - 120-ish. I'll see when I get there.
More goal weights added as I reach them.

focusing on other stuff right now

I post bodies, but they're all tagged as "bodies" if you wanna blacklist it c:

beautiful babe(s) <3

I’d say this is pretty good for only attempting it for about 5 minutes. I’m also gonna throw out out there that my bun is about 15% the problem here. Hooping with a bun is apparently a no-no.

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my parents failed to raise me to become an olympian, i’m so disappointed in them 


hey just a reminder I’m a real person not just a blog so you should talk to me hi

oh my god i was not actually expecting people to add me on snapchat. hi you are all wonderful.

if anyone wants to add me on snapchat, i’m souperficial.

and if anyone wants to add me on line to message or play tsumtsum (because i’m obsessed with it), i’m bananastands there.